5 Days of Easy Advent Ideas That Won't Overwhelm

5 Days of Easy Advent Ideas That Won't Overwhelm

Do you feel it, too? That unmistakable pressure to do, be, and go at Christmastime? What if we could just all take it down a notch and listen, quietly, to what God is saying and showing us this year?

What if we could choose a few simple, purposeful activities that are easy and not overwhelming, but that bring a sense of wonder and focus to our Christmas celebrations this year? 

That's the goal this week as I publish each post in our short series. For our family, Christmas can come and go in a fretful blur and leave us exhausted and also empty, when we should be feeling filled up with the realization that this is the gospel! Here He is, the Word become flesh! 

I'm going to go out on a limb here - I'm certain God did not design our feasts and celebrations to be overwhelming and leave us feeling totally spent. I'm certain His heart is for us to feel more by doing less. More of Him, less of us. More Christ in me, less me trying to do my Christmas thing.

How about it? Ready for 5 days of Advent ideas that enhance and don't exhaust?

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Make Holiday Food Prep Stress-Free


Make Holiday Food Prep Stress-Free

Some of us love to cook, but others of us feel the extra pressure that holiday entertaining and food seem to put on all the adults. Didn't Christmas seem much more fun when you were a kid and just showed up at the meal table?

Make it easy. If gourmet is your thing and it brings you joy, do that. If you need people to pitch in, call a potluck. If you need to order in, be free to do that, too! When the Mexican families in our area offer homemade tamales for sale around the holidays, I'm the first in line.

Get a leg up. It's not too late to assemble a couple of casseroles or slow cooker meals that can be popped into the oven when the day allows you absolutely no time to get a meal out there. I've got a freezer meal Pinterest board just for that.

Stock the pantry. I just knew that my teen and tween daughters would need to take food to some event this month, and the last minute scramble makes me sweat. This year I got smart (it's about time!) and bought the makings of a couple of easy treats that they can make a take: Rice Krispie Squares, Chocolate Raspberry Cake, Cheesy Dip and crackers. 

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5 Days of Making Christmas Memories, Stress-Free! - Day 4

Stress-Free Christmas Gift Giving

To make the whole process of gift giving a little less stressful, you might need to look at gifts with a new eye.

One year I set up a card table in our bedroom and diligently set to work wrapping presents every night for four nights. At the end of that marathon, I calculated that I'd spent a total of 16 hours wrapping gifts for our 8 kids and assorted family members and friends. 16 HOURS! 

That was the year we ended the assortment of Christmas gifts for our kids. Instead, we now give them each an "experience" - tickets to a concert, a road trip, Disneyland passes, etc. I fill a stocking for each with items I've collected throughout the years and then they get an envelope with an announcement of their gift experience inside. And peace returned to my December evenings.

I'm getting a little smarter about gifts for our extended family and friends, too. If I'm knitting beanies for a couple of college guys, I'm knitting beanies for all the college guys. Last year my brother's family got San Francisco Giants hats I'd knit, and after another World Series season, you can bet those beanies were put to good use.


More Ideas For Stress-Free Gift Giving

  • Give the kids a group gift: a stack of board games, a Wii, a basketball hoop.
  • Eliminate the part of gift-giving that stresses you out: hire a kid to wrap, order online, have it shipped.
  • Let the kids draw names, especially if there are a lot of them or they are older. 

Coming up tomorrow: Stress-Free Christmas Food

Day 3: Christmas Movies For Stress-Free Family Nights

Day 2: Christmas Books For Stress-Free Moments

Day 1: Golden Rules of Making Stress-Free Christmas Memories




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Christmas Movies for Stress-Free Family Nights

Christmas Movies for Stress-Free Family Nights

Pinterest mostly inspires me, but often the posts there overwhelm me instead. A couple of years ago I saw a pin boasting a recipe for "Grinch Punch" and I thought, "Aha!" My kids would love it! So I picked a December date that wasn't already taken and told the kids we were having a Grinch dinner. 

We served "roast beast", Who Pudding (I made a corn pudding), a festive salad, and the Grinch punch. Then we watched the movie and voila! The night was a big success for not a whole lot of mom effort. 

Since that first Christmas Movie Night year, we've done an Elf night complete with snowflake decorations the kids made (believe me, I want this to be stress-free so if the kids wanted to do it, I said, "Go for it!" and sat back to watch them), and just this week we did a Home Alone night.

This is meant to be easy, fun, and stress-free, so pick a movie and do something fun to go with it, then call it good. Some years are easier going and I can plan a little more to go with the theme, other years leave me feeling overloaded so we go with simple. 

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How the Grinch Stole Christmas Ideas

-Grinch Punch

-Grinch Centerpiece - I know, I know. Not stress-free, unless you love to do beautiful floral arrangements and this would be fun for you!

-Roast Beast 

1 pkg onion soup mix 
1 roast, 3-5 pounds
1 can jellied cranberry sauce
2 T flour, not to be added until roast is cooked

Sprinkle onion soup mix on the bottom of the crock pot and place roast on top. Spread the cranberry sauce all over the roast. Cook on low for 10-12 hours, or on high for 4-6.

After roast is done, remove it from the slow cooker and slice or shred. Stir flour into juices in crock pot and turn the temperature to high. Cook and stir for 5-10 minutes, until you have a nice gravy. Spoon gravy over roast and enjoy!

-Who Pudding (Cook's Country Corn Pudding)



Elf Ideas

-This Elf party post has a lot of great ideas. Just make sure you choose the non-stressful stuff :)

-We served spaghetti (I drew the line at syrup on the pasta and just served meat sauce), French bread, salad, and lots of candy. Our kids did try the syrup on plain pasta just for fun.





Home Alone Ideas

-Most stress-free movie night to date: I picked up take-and-bake pizzas, Pepsi, and created an ice cream sundae bar. 


5 Days of Making Christmas Memories, Stress-Free! - Day 2

Christmas Books for Stress-Free Moments

What are the easiest, sweetest moments in our home? Any time I pull a book out and read aloud. It seems so simple, because it is. Never feel as if grabbing little ones, middle kids, and teens aside to read aloud is not exciting. Oh, the stories to be shared and the moments of laughter and emotion. Even our adult kids reminisce about the books we've read together.

Need some ideas for what to read this Christmas season? I've compiled a list of our favorites over the years and written several posts about Christmas reading:


Best Christmas Books for Your Collection

The Ultimate Guide to Christmas Books

Five Christmas Books That Top Our List


And do you know what else? You, too, can take a break from the stresses of the season and allow a story to change you. When was the last time you read the story of Christ's birth without assigning it to a church service or nativity play? Just enjoyed and savored each word and drawn deep breaths of the glory that is the birth of Christ? Pour that cup of coffee, curl up in a chair, and unravel the stress. That story is meant for you!


Coming up tomorrow: Christmas Movies for Stress-Free Family Nights

Day One: Golden Rules of Making Stress-Free Christmas Memories




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5 Days of Making Christmas Memories, Stress Free! - Day 1


Today kicks off our 5-day series on making this Christmas stress-free, so let's start with a few pointers. Stress-free Christmas? Yes, please!


Golden Rules of Making Stress-Free Christmas Memories

1. Don't make a commitment you can't keep. Advent readings that are one per day for 25 days straight sound lovely on November 30th but can feel like a loadstone on December 21st, especially if you've got a gaggle of little people (or a couple of teens with social lives).

2. Don't let a tradition rob you of your joy. If it's not working for everyone, ditch it. Traditions for the sake of tradition wrap us up in bondage. Seasons come and go and there's great freedom in being flexible so that we can serve and love others in a way that works better this year.

3. Remember that time spent together is the best memory of all. Over the next few days we'll be sharing some simple, stress-free ways to spend time with your kiddos this Christmas. They may not be Pinterest-worthy, but they will fill your kids' cups up high with relationship-building love and goodness.


Coming up tomorrow: Christmas Books for Stress-Free Moments



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